Atv-Migriño Desert & Beach


Enjoy the beauty of nature driving through the desert, mountains, canyons, a huge dry stream and a beautiful beach with sand dunes and spectacular ocean side cliffs. This is the best ATV tour around the world. Don’t miss it.

Duration: 1 ½ hrs approx. – *Single $110 USD p/p  |  *Double $140 USD

Departure Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm

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Atv-Candelaria Village / Desert / Beach

ATV-ride-in-Los-Cabos-1In this amazing experience of 2 ½  hrs THROUGH desert oasis, will visit a small village called La Candelaria. pass through several ranches we will visit the village church and the boarding of children around the small communities.

Duration: 1 ½ hrs approx. – *Single $120 USD p/p  | *Double $150 USD
Departure Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon 

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Horseback Riding Migriño Beach

If you are a confident rider with a good seat and comfortable at all paces, come and experience a perfect ride through challenging mountains, desert trails and amazing flat open beaches.

Duration: 1 ½ hrs approx. – 1 Horse for 1 people — $120 USD

Departure Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm

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Migriño ATV & Horses

largeOur atv and horse combo gives you the opportunity to enjoy an hour of exiting time of emotion in the desert and rocky mountain trails to observe a wide variety of animals.

Duration: 2 hrs approx.

*Single ATV & 1 Horse   $120 USD  |  *Double ATV & 2 Horses – $150 USD 

Departure Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm

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Side by Side Kids Adventure

Yes, you read it right; finally we have created a great off-road tour at a very safe trail specially designed for kids. Do not miss the opportunity to watch your kids smiling ear to ear thanks to you. Let them build self-confidence that will help feel good and proud about themselves. Kids of 5 can ride as copilot and must be 8 and up to drive. Mini Side by Side 170.

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs.

*1 Kid — $140 USD     *2 Kids — $175 USD  *Plus $15 USD. Entrance fee per person. Only 20 min., from C.S.L.

Departure Times: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Round transportation (within San José del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas areas)

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UTV Candelaria Beach & Desert Tour

Take a thrilling ride back in time on your Commander to La Cadelaria, a 200-year-old Indian village. Enjoy this guided tour on the very best UTV developed by man.

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs Single $250 USD  Double $275 USD

Departure Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm

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UTV Desert and Beach Tour

Enjoy our new exclusive route that explores Los Cabos’ beaches, desert landscapes, sand dunes, mountains, and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. During the season, it’s possible to enjoy whale watching from the various rest stops we take.

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs Single  $200 USD  Double  $250 USD

Departure Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm

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Sportsman Ace Adventure

The revolutionary design of the Polaris ACE combines the nimble of an ATV and the security and comfort of a side by side. Come for an ultimate trail riding experience along the amazing dunes and beaches of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs, Sportsman Ace 570 – $175 USD

Departure Times: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

*Plus $15 USD. Entrance fee per person.

*Round transportation (within San José del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas areas).
*Include a visit to our Herpetat.

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Side by Side Sport Adventure

Be prepared for the highlight of your vacation: this off road adventure is focused in making you to have the fun of your life. You will ride in desert trails that are a wild treat, offering a new world to explore and you will have an exciting ride on two beautiful white sand beaches with huge dunes and beautiful views.

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs

°1 person — $205 USD     °2 people — $290 USD     °3 people — $350 USD     ° 4 people — $405 USD

Departure Times: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

*Plus $15 USD. Entrance fee per person.

*Round transportation (within San José del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas áreas).
*Include a visit to our Herpetat.

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Ranger Crew Side by Side Tour

The perfect adventure for everyone, this tour allows couples and families to chat comfortably while exploring and enjoying the great outdoors together. An excellent option for parents with children they want to take safely at their side throughout the experience.

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs, Ranger Crew 570

°1 person — $175 USD     °2 people — $205 USD     °3 people — $235 USD     °4 people — $260 USD

Departure Times: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

*Plus $15 USD. Entrance fee per person.

*Round transportation (within San José del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas áreas).
*Include a visit to our Herpetat.

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Waverunners in the Bay of C.S.L

Experience one of the best rides you can find on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas. Drive one of our latest waverunner models in the bay area and have fun like never before! Enjoy the Speed in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas! On your visit to Los Cabos, don’t forget to add in your Activities List the Waverunners with your friends.

Duration:   *1hr – $80 USD    *½ hr – $ 50 USD 

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Dolphin Encounter

Learn all about the world of the Pacific Bottlenose dolphin from the best possible teachers – the dolphins themselves. This program is an ideal introduction to the anatomy, physiology and history of the ocean’s most inspiring mammals.

Duration: 30 min (includes 20 minutes of in-water interaction and a 10 minute educational presentation)       *Adult $119 USD p/p     *Kid $99 USD p/p

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Dolphin Signature Swim

Dolphin Signature Swim Our Dolphin Swim offers the smallest group size available anywhere to swim with dolphins. You’re ensured the best possible opportunity to develop a close personal bond with your dolphin. You’ll discover all there is know about dolphins from the best possible teachers – the dolphins themselves, as they talk and flirt with you in the comfort and safety of our specially designed pool.

Duration: 50 min (includes 40 minutes of in-water interaction and a 10 minute educational presentation)     *Adult $189 USD p/p     *Kid $99 USD p/p

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Dolphin Kids

We believe people of all ages should have the chance to experience our friendly family of dolphins so we have designed this program specifically for young kids aged 4 to 9 so they can interact and get closer to dolphins than they ever dreamed possible. And once they meet our dolphins, they’ll get the impression that the dolphins just as keen to meet them too.

Duration: 30 min (includes a 20 minutes of in-water interaction and a 10 minute educational presentation)

Restrictions: For children ages 4-9 only. Parents may accompany their children to the poolside observation area for no extra charge but do not interact with the dolphins.

Kid $108 USD p/p

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Mountain Bike Adventure

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a first-time mountain biker, our Mountain Bike Adventure is an enjoyable way to experience the outback of Cabo. With our expert guides, you will be set-up on modern, all-terrain bikes, fitted just for you, and taken on an enjoyable ride down cactus-lined tracks to a stunning hidden beach overlooking the Pacific. Your ride ends with an authentic Mexican feast and celebratory drink.

Duration: 3 hrs approx. *Adult $85 USD p/p     *Kid $ 65 USD p/p 

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Outback & Camel Safari

Our Outback & Camel Safari is an unforgettable eco-adventure. In small groups, our off-road Unimogs trucks take you deep into the heart of the Baja outback on a voyage of discovery and wonder.

Duration: 3 hrs plus transportation, *Adult – $109 USD p/p     *Kid – $79 USD p/p

Min age: 5 years old           Maximum weight: 265 lbs / 120 kgs

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Snorkel & Sea Adventure

Join us for Cabo’s most complete snorkeling tour and discover why the famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau called the waters around Cabo “the world’s aquarium.”

Duration: 3 hrs approx. *Adult – $85 USD p/p     *Kid  $65 USD p/p

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Second to none, parasailing in Los Cabos is at its best with Cabo Expeditions! Nothing beats our fun, safe and exciting parasailing adventure. Take in the sights including Land´s End, Medano Beach, and float quietly above it all.

Each flight is approx. 10 minutes in the air; tandem and solo flight time is the same. Allow up to an hour and a half for the tour

*Single – $50 USD p/p     *Couple –  $ 90USD

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Cabo Submarine

Stay dry in an underwater adventure in Cabo? Keep your clothes on for a front­seat view of the marine life of Sea of Cortez—”the world’s aquarium”—in Cabo Submarine. No need to dive, swim or snorkel for your Los Cabos water activities at beautiful Land’s End.

*Adults – $40 USD p/p     *Kids ages 3 to 10 – $15 USD p/p

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SNUBA® (=snorkel + scuba) adds the gift of breathing underwater to the ease of snorkeling—without scuba diving’s heavy, technical gear and long training. The beauty of tropical sea life opens up as you enter a realm once limited to certified divers.

*Adults and Children ages 8 & up – $79 USD p/p

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Kayak & Snorkel Tour

arch-kayak-01Explore the beauty above and below the Sea of Cortez on your 2 – person, sit-on-top, clear-bottom kayak. Follow your guide along the beautiful shores of Los Cabos past unspoiled beaches, breathtaking landscapes, the famous Arch, Lover´s Beach and the Sea Lion colony. Then dive in for a guided snorkel adventure after approximately 45 minutes of kayaking.

Duration: 3 ½ hrs approx.  – $ 55 USD p/p

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Premiun Dinner & Show

caborey-luxury-dinnerExperience the natural wonders of Cabo San Lucas aboard our Premium 144´ triple deck catamaran. LIVE MUSIC and LIMITLESS COCKTAILS accompany the breathtaking view from the upper deck of the Cabo Rey as it follows its route along the tip of the Baja. AN EXCITING Mexican & Argentinean show, performing the most representative traditions from both countries, this breathtaking Las Vegas-style show is bigger and more spectacular than any other stage show in the area!

Duration: 2½ hrs approx. –  Adult $116USD p/p

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Sunset Mexican Dinner Cruise

mex-dinnerGet your camera ready! CABOREY´S Mexican Dinner provides an excellent view of Cabo’s most breathtaking sites including the famed “El Arco”, Land’s End, the Sea Lion Colony, Lover’s Beach, the pirate’s cave and more from the upper deck of our luxurious catamaran, the largest and best-equipped in Los Cabos.

This is by far the best tour in Los Cabos!

Duration:  2½ hrs approx. – Adults $72 USD p/p

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Snorkeling Tour

Board the Caborey for a breathtaking cruise along the Baja coastline, Cruise from the marina along the coast to Chileno Bay, an exquisite underwater paradise located 30 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. Let yourself go in the amazing submarine life of this live natural reef.  If you prefer sunbathing, Chileno is the best beach and a perfect site with its soft sandy beach spotted with coral and other shells. If you are looking for what to do in los Cabos do not miss snorkeling at Chileno Bay.

Duration: 3½ hrs approx. – $72 USD p/p

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Bungee Bombers

bungee-1024x681Los Cabos Bungee Bombers is the ultimate vacation experience! Check an item off your bucket list with our exhilarating Bungee Bombers jump experience. Take in the picturesque view of Los Cabos’ stark, yet breathtaking, desert landscape from our platform perched in the heavens – a glass bottom gondola suspended 300 feet above the ground.

Duration: 4 hours approx. – $110 USD p/p

*With transportation included.

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Kingdom, Animal Sanctuary

If you like animals and you would like to spend a full day interacting with exotic species from around the world, then you will not want to leave Wild Canyon´s Kingdom!! Come and look around the area we’ve created to be home, sweet home of the animals that we have rescued. Fit for all ages!

Duration: 4 hours approx. – $60 USD p/p

*With transportation included.

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Sling Swinger

WildCanyon_smallLos Cabos will make you remember the best moments of your childhood: no work, no worries school and all day on the playground running, jumping and swinging from a gondola 300 feet above the ground in the biggest swing you’ve ever seen. Undoubtedly one of the most impressive activities of your life!

Duration: 4 hrs approx. – $110 USD p/p

*With transportation included.

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Monster Ziplines

tortugaIf your preferred way to enjoy the Baja desert is by getting close to it and flying through its vast canyons, Monster Zip Lines is the perfect activity for you. Our 8-line tour has been thoroughly recommended by local visitors, who, after comparing it with other zip line providers in the area, agree that ours is the one where they had the most fun. Why? Because it gives you the most flying time!

Duration: 4 hrs approx. – $110 USD p/p

*With transportation included.

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Breakfast Snorkel Cruise

Avoid the rush and the mid day sun. Get on board and enjoy the breakfast buffet including Pancakes with walnuts,bananas or natural flour. Arch and the peaceful cruise when the waters are calm and no other boats are out. Watch for dolphins during the short 30 minute cruise to the quiet Santa Maria Bay aboard our twin level power catamaran. Nobody else around. One of the best snorkel spots in Cabo. Space for families, adults or those looking to relax and recover. Kids corner lets kids be kids; coloring and games.

Duration: 3 hrs (9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon) – $69 USD p/p  *Children (6-11) $34.5 USD p/p  *Baby (0-5) FREE

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Snorkel Fun Cruise

Visit Cabo´s world famous arch at land´s end and then enjoy a scenic cruise up the Sea of Cortez, widely known due to its incredible sea life. We cruise over to Chileno Bay, upon arriving to chileno bay you can literally jump into the ocean to get an up-close view of the sea life. We supply you with the snorkeling gear and guide as well as a safe protected area designated for snorkeling. Enjoy plenty of time to explore the marine life of Chileno, One of the best snorkel spots in Baja. Afterwards enjoy a delicious lunch grilled before your eyes right on board along with open bar.

Duration: 3½ hrs (12:30 noon-4:00 p.m.) – $79 USD p/p  *Children (6-11) $3.5 USD p/p  *Baby (0-5) FREE

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Sunset Cruise Los Cabos

Visit the world famous arch, incredible beaches of the Pacific and cruise the bay aboard our twin level power catamaran. Fun music, tasty cocktails like Mai tais, margaritas, beer whatever you like.

Duration: 2 hrs (5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.) – $89 USD p/p

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Whale Watching Los Cabos

See the whales!  Get close to nature aboard our twin level power catamaran. See Whales guaranteed!. Begin your cruise with a scenic view of Cabo’s famous Arch and beautiful coastline of Cabo. Our Knowledgeable marine naturalists will inform and amuse you. Our crew loves their work and it shows. Guests tell us that the staff is attentive, warm and friendly. *Dec/15 /201? – Mar/31/201?.

Duration: 2 hrs (9:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.) – $69 USD p/p

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Sundown Party (Weekends)

Let the party begin! Looking for the # 1 disco and night club in Cabo San Lucas? You just haven’t looked out on the water! Adults only 18+

Duration: 2 hrs (8:30 p.m. -10:30 p.m.) – $69 USD p/p


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Quest of the Bay (Snorkeling Tour)

The ship begins the journey through the majestic ARCO where he pauses for photos.  Then goes to Chileno Bay for the snorkel activity. During the course of about an hour to the Bay, there will be games and competitions, coming to the bay our crew will distribute all the equipment for the snorkeling activity, part of our tour are the paddle boards, and if you want to stay aboard, we have a rope to jump to the ocean and pass an incredibly fun day. In the way back to the marina lunch is served and there is a brief introduction of what will be the PIRATE SHOW that we perform in the Sunset Tour. We finished our tour entering the bay .

Duration: 3½ hrs (12:00 noon-3:30 p.m.) – $79 USD p/p     *Children (6-11) $39.5 USD p/p     *Baby (0-5) FREE

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Adventure at Dusk (Sunset Tour)

Leave for an extraordinary adventure, our stellar tour has begun, towards the ARCO where the Ship stops for photographs, beginning the tour by the coast of the Pacific Ocean and Cabo San Lucas passing by the most exclusive residences on the destination and to witness the majestic sunset that Cabo San Lucas gives us every single day, and so back to the bay where the Pirate adventure begins, we’ll have games, contests and to finish our magical evening the famous PIRATE SHOW.

Duration: 2½ hrs (4:45 p.m – 7:00 p.m) – $99 USD p/p  *Children (6-11) $49.5 USD p/p  *Baby (0-5) FREE

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Kraken Chase (Whale Watching Tour)

The adventure begins departing from the marina heading first to the rock formations and then lovers beach and the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, the sea lion colony where the Ship stops for a moment to take some pictures. And that’s where the real Adventure starts, chasing the kraken all around the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, the majestic whales that visit Mexican waters once a year looking for the best conditions to mate, these whales are the gray whale and the humpback whale. Along the way we have a certified guide explaining the behavior of these magnificent animals. Season: December to March.

Duration: 2 hrs (9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.) – $69 USD p/p    *Children (6-11) $34.5 USD p/p     *Baby (0-5) FREE

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Night Pirate Party

Join Us aboard Buccaneer Night Pirate Party and lift your swords and musketoons in the air! This pirate crew has this party boat rockin’ and the Grog flowin’. Did you pack your dancing boots? The perfect way to start your night of partying, get ready to groove! 3 hrs night tour by the Cabo Arch and all around the Cabo bay with open bar included, and pirate challenges.

 Duration: 2 hrs (8:30 p.m -10:30 a.m.) – $69 USD p/p    

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Whale Shark Encounter

There are few experiences in the world that match swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea – especially when that fish is a shark!  But don’t worry: these Whale Sharks are known as “gentle giants.”  Give us a day and we’ll take you out of Cabo to La Paz for an adventure of a lifetime.

Duration: 8 hours plus transportation,  $189 USD p/p

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La Paz Tour

The most complete experience of Baja’s southern towns!.
Buenavista & Los Barriles view – San Bartolo – El Triunfo – Mining town – San Antonio – Mining town – The MIssion – The antropology museum. Bay beaches – Shopping (Free time).

Duration: 10 hrs approx. – $100 USD p/p

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Todos Santos Magic Tour

Experience the coolest and most magical town of the southern Baja!.
Pacific Ocean views – Hotel California – Casa de la Cultura (Museum) – Art galleries – The Mission – Mexican candy stores – Lunch time

Duration: 6 hrs. approx. – $80 USD p/p

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San Jose Deluxe Tour

San Jose del Cabo is also known as a quiet town of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. You will see one of the most beautiful beaches of the Sea of Cortez, by the One & Only Palmilla hotel.

Duration: 3½ hrs approx. – $89 USD p/p

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Hideaway Villages Tour

Hideaway Villages is a cultural tour that brings you closer to the people and towns of Los Cabos. You’ll get to know the way of living and the customs of the real natives of the area.

Duration: 6 hrs. approx. – $89 USD p/p

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Espiritu Santo Island Tour

Espiritu Santo Island Expedition is an outdoor lover´s dream! Snorkel with sea lions, explore the island’s strange wildlife, and swim with countless tropical fish. Taste the culture of Baja as you sample traditional local cuisine. ” Could it be for its pristine beaches, rich and diverse ecosystem, or mysterious history? it’s up to you!

Duration: Full-day Activity – $199 USD p/p

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Land’s End Tour

In our Land’s End Tour, we’ll first take you for a quick land tour by the main spots in Cabo San Lucas, such as the Medano beach entrance, where you will get to see and feel the great ambiance that takes place there every day.

Duration: 2½ hrs. approx. – $45 USD p/p

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Cabo San Lucas Tour

A quite special way to discover Cabo San Lucas’ attractions! Combining a glass bottom boat ride and a comfortable fully air conditioned van, our staff will guide you from the spectacular Land’s End Arch ’til the back sites of Cabo San Lucas.

Duration: 3 hrs. approx. – $55 USD p/p

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Cabo Night Tour

If coming to Cabo it is a “Must” to go to our very well-known Night life tours. Our Pub crawls give you the opportunity to know the best clubs in downtown Cabo, as all are very close to each other and there is NO COVER charge at any of them (with exception of certain holidays and events); it makes it easy to have fun and to experience different levels of entertainment.

Duration: Party Night

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Fly me to the moon Combo 1

*Parasailing – Sunset Tour (Or Snorkel)
*Zip Line – Glass Bottom Boat To Lover´s Beach

2 PAX  $412 USD

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Happy Wife, Happy life Combo 2

*ATV´S & Horse back Riddyng – Sunset Romantic
*Couple Relaxing Massage (Could be in the SPA or Beach)
*City Tour to Todos Santos (Shopping Time)
*Glass Bottom Boat To Lover´s Beach
2 PAX $619 USD

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My Happy Birthday in Cabo Combo 3

*Sunset or (Snorkel) buzz cruise
*Razor´s Migriño
*Party Hopper Tour

2 PAX $576 USD

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Happy Husbang …Fish and Shut Up ! Combo 4

*3 Days of fishing
*Licenses and Byte Included,
*10 drink´s x person

(2 PAX) $967 USD. Extra Passenger $50 USD more. Max 6 PAX.

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Welcome to Paradise


*SPA Day: ½ HR Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial Cleansing
*Sunset Sailing – Party Hopper
*ATV´S Migriño
(1 PAX) $255 USD

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Combo #6


Fishing (Not License/ Not Bate)
Buzz Cruise – ATV´S
Party Hopper

(1 PAX) $449 USD

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Combo #7

Enjoy los cabos tours

1 HR Massage, Facial Cleansing
Buzz – ATV´S
Party Hopper

(1 PAX) $229 USD

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