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This stretch of crystal white sand known as, with tongue in cheek, Divorce Beach is located on the Pacific side of Land’s End, just a short walk from, you guessed it, Lover’s Beach. While Divorce Beach looks inviting and offers lots of space for sunbathing, picnicking and just plain relaxing, swimming here is dangerous because of the strong currents and crashing waves.

Address: Cabo San Lucas



Lover’s Beach is another must do, particularly for couples, as it is tucked away on San Lucas Bay, partially secluded, just before El Arco at the Tip of Baja. To reach the shores of Lover’s Beach, you’ll need to come by way of the sea. Hire a water taxi at the marina, and the captain will take you there, along the way touring the diving areas around El Arco, Neptune’s Fingers and Sand Falls.

Address: Cabo San Lucas



Medano Beach extends along the hotel zone to San Lucas Bay and is a playground for watercraft, catamarans, sea kayaks and parasailors.The access to Medano Beach is available near Club Cascadas de Baja, near the harbor entrance at the Costa Real Cabo Resort Beach Club, or through any of the hotels and restaurants that span its borders. Médano Beach is one of the most beautiful and swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas. You can choose from a variety of hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, beach clubs, spas, tours, activities, nightlife and more are all within walking distance or choose an activity in water or sand, like waterskiing, jet skiing, diving, parasailing, volleyball and many more.At Medano Beach Cabo, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a great time in Los Cabos!

Address: Callejón del Pescador SN. Col. El Medano, Cabo San Lucas. BCS. México., Cabo San Lucas.



Playa Chileno is one of the few beaches in Los Cabos with services. Great for families, snorkelers and divers, its rocky reefs run parallel to the beach with tropical fish, sea turtles, moray eels, invertebrates, sea urchins, gorgonians (sea fans), sponges, and starfish, all right in front of you. For those looking to get beneath the water, there’s a Cabo Acuadeportes dive shop palapa.

Address: The Corridor



This peaceful, horseshoe-shaped beach has sand the color and consistency of pink rice. Because the bay is a protected marine sanctuary, this is an excellent spot for snorkeling and swimming alike. The bay is also a prime destination for charter boats that offer snorkeling and scuba diving excursions departing from the Cabo San Lucas.

Address: The Corridor



Playa El Tule is a secluded, sandy stretch of beach that is most commonly used for sun bathing and some swimming, but can be, weather permitting, a good surf spot. However, because there are scattered boulders in the water, all who swim or surf must keep a sharp eye out. You access the beach at, not surprisingly, the Los Tules bridge.

Address: The Corridor



As you drive west from San José del Cabo just before Palmilla Bay, you’ll find the world famous surfing beach, Costa Azul. Exit the highway left, and it’s only a short distance with easy access to the beach. Beginners can join the surf camp, while surfers of all levels can enjoy not only the break, but also taking a break, from time to time, in one of the many rental cabañas, in the beach restaurant, or at the convenience store.

Address: The Corridor



Playa Los Cerritos is a spectacular, sweeping expanse of pristine beach just south of the farming community of Pescadero. When you arrive, drive through the campground and pick your spot. Cliffs are at the western end of the beach, which is crescent-shaped facing the ocean.

Address: Pacific Coast



Playa Migriño is said to be one of the great whale watching beaches in winter, and it is easily accessed at Km. 96 and 97 north of Cabo San Lucas. The beach is also popular with ATVers, however avoid swimming because the waves are strong, pounding the beach relentlessly.

Address:: Pacific Coast