Kingdom, Animal Sanctuary

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“Kingdom, Animal Sanctuary”

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If you like animals and you would like to spend a full day interacting with exotic species from around the world, then you will not want to leave Kingdom!! Come and look around the area we’ve created to be home, sweet home of the animals that we have rescued.

Iguanas, love-birds, prairie dogs, macaws and many more friends are awaiting for you to spend an amazing day, full of adventures!  You are going to be able to pet them, feed them and create and an unforgettable bond with all the creatures that live here, as well as you are going to learn a lot about them. Also, as adrenaline, break all taboos and don’t leave without your photo with the crocodile!

Times: 09:00 am  |  12:00 pm  |  03:00 pm


Duration: 4 hours approximately with transportation included. – $60 USD p/p

Pays $10 USD of park entrance free


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